About Us

In 2010 passion and know-how for shoes made the saying “good things come in pairs” come true and Russel Matos was created. Combining the experience in fields of commerce and design, we gave shape to a product thru clear ideas and contemporary design.

Russel Matos philosophy has two fundamental pillars: selective distribution and competitive retail price, to better follow the demands of a changing market in constant quest of self-renewal. Our goal is to bring glamour and great style to women with an international mindset, just like the our brand, always aware of latest trends.


Russel Matos greatest asset are its people. With this belief, the company requires a passionate team with the following company values:

  • Unity
  • Integrity, Respect and Openness
  • Passion for Perfection
  • Customer Focus
  • Inspire & Empower People.

We are known for the dedication and commitment to our work. Hierarchical barriers are kept to a minimum within the company structure, promoting, among other things, a more direct and respectful interaction between all employes.

Customer Services

Thank you for choosing Russel Matos.

We want you to love what you have purchased from us. We strongly recommend that you try the shoes on a carpeted or non-marking surface for fit before use.

Russel Matos main concern is your comfort and that you can keep your shoes in the good conditions you acquired them for the longest time possible.

If something is not right with the item you have purchased, please let us know, we are more then happy to make you have the best Russel Matos experience.

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